Biden’s $6 Trillion Blueprint For Keeping China At Bay

The $4 Trillion Solution

Besides the annual budget of $2 trillion, Biden has proposed an additional $4 trillion of long-term programs:

A Push For Clean Energy And Cars…And More Jobs

When the President broadly outlined his spending plans to Congress, in his April unofficial “State of the Union” address, he referred frequently to two themes: creating blue-collar jobs and competing with China. Biden is keenly aware of the threat that China could overtake the U.S., and soon.

The Republican Response: An Offer Biden Can Refuse

Sen. McConnell has announced that he is “100% focused” on defeating Biden’s agenda. No surprise there, although some of McConnell’s constituents wonder why he doesn’t welcome funds for repairing a key bridge between his state, Kentucky, and Ohio that is considered one of the most dangerous in the country. At least he’s consistent…

Brent Spence Bridge in Kentucky/Jeff Dean-Getty Images

The War Of Ideas With China

Biden and his advisers are also trying to restore democracy’s allure for developing countries, to burnish the brand, if you will.

India’s Covid Catastrophe Doesn’t Help

To compound the “brand” problem, India, the world’s largest democracy, has let the Covid epidemic spiral out of control. Some experts estimate that up to a million Indians may have died from the virus; the official figures are not considered trustworthy. Meanwhile, Chinese citizens throng restaurants and public spaces, safely, and its economy is humming.



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Ryan O'Connell

Ryan O'Connell


A Wall Street Democrat. Security analyst (financial institutions), former lawyer and banker.